Negligent Tibuant

by tibuant

Hey, the title of this post rhymes. That aside…

I’ve been pretty negligent recently. I blame Final Fantasy. Which, at the moment makes me unhappy due to service account issues barring me from playing. But, rather than mope around sad about not being able to play my newest time-sink, I’ll make the most of it.

I’ve neglected blogging quite a  bit, and intend to start back up, writing some stuff here or there. This post will be the first of many! …I hope.

I’ve also neglected the other games I’ve previously told myself I’d continue playing. I haven’t really touched Rift, TSW, nor LoL, since FFXIV’s early access started. Which is unfortunate, since I thoroughly enjoy each game… And I had gotten used to talking to many of the guildmates in Rift daily. To be fair, I’ve been intending to hit Rift less heavy and let other players level up so we can start doing dungeons and awesome end-game stuff. I know many players are tired of the “this game at this time on this day” schedules for dungeons and raids, but I find such a schedule extremely helpful myself, so I can avoid getting burned out on a game due to my usual “run circles around the main hub spamming the guild chat, asking if anybody wants to do a dungeon” habit.

Not being able to play FFXIV aside, I’m really enjoying the game. I feel it is very well done. It’s unfortunate since I also feel that the development team has done an amazing job, only to have other aspects (support, community management, expecting only 100,000 players and then getting 300,000+) have made it a very poor experience. As Belghast recently posted, don’t buy the game yet. This isn’t to say “Don’t buy the game at all,” because it is amazing and absolutely worth your money; just wait so you can actually sign on and enjoy the game.

The bright side to not being able to sign on due to the account problems I’m currently having is that I can step away from the game, take a break from spamming the login screen, trying to get in, and actually get some other stuff done. Like this blog post. Maybe a quick “Hello,” in Rift. Some sorely needed rest and comfort food for James… And then spamming the support chat once the North American support time starts.