Soloing Hive Kaaz’Gfuu: Queens Gambit

by tibuant

Tonight, I’d like to write about soloing the level 60 2 man chronicle, Hive Kaaz’Gfuu: Queens Gambit. Why? Because that’s what I just spent the last few hours learning to do. Overall, I feel it was difficult, but ultimately fun and rewarding.

I’ll preface this post with a Public Service Announcement: there’s a bonus chest that spawns in Queens Gambit at one of several locations. Popular theory suggests it only spawns sometimes, but it actually seems to spawn every instance: its just that half the locations are after the final boss in an area most players would fail to notice. One of the locations it can spawn in is bugged so it is unreachable: don’t worry about knowing if this is true in your instance or not, just explore the instance entirely (including the section to the left of the portal after the final boss!) and it will be impossible to miss if it has spawned in a reachable area.

For the trash, just take your time and pull single mobs or small groups. Have a ranged spec, or at least one ranged ability to take advantage of the Volatile Chemicals scattered along the instance.

The first boss, Abido Kyo, is heavily based on reaction time: avoid the called out attacks and AoEs, don’t be caught with your back to a geyser, and slowly whittle down his health. Overall, I feel the first boss fight is the most dependent on quick reaction time and less on gear or spec than the other two.

The second boss, or bosses, are Och and Krok. I’m not entirely sure how the rage mechanic works regarding killing one before the other, so I tried to keep them within 20% of each other, but this fight is easier with a tankier build, and creative use of the pillars. As a Warrior, I imagine a ranged class dodging in and out of LoS could avoid Och’s attacks easily, but Krok can only be damaged from within his shield. The twins seem extremely slow (although Krok can climb over the pillars?) and I would chase them around the pillars to separate them and tear them down little by little, one by one. A little practice circling the pillars and dodging the red cone AoE makes this otherwise difficult solo encounter quite easy.

The final boss, Inyr’Kta, is easiest with a DPS spec: the free healing means you can worry less about tanking or healing and more about putting the hurt down. The fact that your free healing can die half way through the fight (and the realization that you sorely need it) means your top priority should absolutely be on causing as much damage as possible. Again, a ranged spec or at least one ranged attack (preferably not channeled) will make this fight much smoother: you can range the fire crystals down as you run by them to avoid the mega-death-crystal-thing, and it makes focusing fire on the boss easier when you find the healing aura too far from the boss to melee + stand in the heals… And you want to stand in the heals as often as possible.

Again, if you didn’t find the extra chest, then after the boss, do not take the portal out: instead, take the path on the left side and continue to clear the instance until you find that extra chest and loot your hard-earned rewards.