The pros of partying up

by tibuant

All things in moderation

So, I wanted to write about this wonderful thing called “moderation” that I learned recently, but since I spent the entire day playing Rift, it didn’t seem very befitting. That gives me something to focus on tomorrow. Today’s post will instead be about playing games with friends, with a little rambling on about the RNG.

Two’s a party

Most of the time, due to my “on during the day” schedule, I find myself playing MMORPGs alone. While I’m rather introverted, and find that soloing is great at times, it quickly gets tiresome. I recently convinced a friend of mine, Eldilkoon, to pick up Rift. He jumped on early today, and I mentored down to help him quest and level. Even though I wasn’t focused on gaining a level myself or doing anything other than helping him out, it was a blast. I know the person behind Eld rather well in real life, and initially convinced him to try out Rift over some beers and buffalo wings at his place. I look forward to further such “Rift parties” in the future. Yes, I realize I’m a geek.

Eld is recently 45: nearly every time I had mentored down to help him quest, I would stop to pick up twisted artifacts. Not having quantum sight, he wouldn’t see these artifacts and would have to take my word for it. I’d often show my wonder in the party chat at how many were in one area, or the precarious placement of them and the effort I would have to give in order to get one. Today I was a particularly bad mentor as I kept falling off mountains, straying away for twisted artifacts, and just generally being on the other side of the map instead of fighting at his side.

Its not a grind if you’re having fun

Interested in these twisted artifacts, I took Eld to Freemarch where we mentored down to grind out some rifts so he could earn the necessary planarite to buy Quantum sight. I have more experience grinding rifts in Freemarch than I would like to admit: I closed more than a hundred fire rifts over the course of a week in order to get a Skittering Hellbug mount, and had collected ten or so Skitt pets as well as a Blurple pet in the process. Somehow, amazingly, the RNG decided it had been mean enough to me in the past, and tried to make amends today by dropping four… four… Skittering Hellbug mounts, two of which dropped from the same rift. The day isn’t over yet, and I intend to bust out so more rifts, so that number may very well increase. While I still haven’t grabbed myself a Gulanite Hellbug mount nor a Toxic Hellbug mount, Eld received both a Skitt pet and a Blurple pet during our grind session.

In the process of helping Eld grab the necessary 12k planarite to buy Quantum Sight, we finished off the guild quest (close 100 rifts that would grant experience) and I ding’d level 58. I quickly took him to one of my favorite Twisted Artifact hunting spots–Iron Pine Peaks–and showed him an area where two or three are often able to be seen from the same spot.

An extra note about the RNG

Sometimes the RNG is mean, sometimes the RNG is nice. While I still haven’t gotten my purple or green hellbug mount, I’m glad it took pity on me today and gave me red mounts to spread among my alts. What I’ve learned today is simple: no matter how bad your luck, and how good the luck of those around you, don’t give up. If you stop focusing on the result–grinding for the mounts–and focus on the fun–playing with a friend and helping them achieve some quantifiable goal–you just may find the end result coming naturally.