Simple introduction

by tibuant

Hello, my name is Tibuant

Actually, my real name isn’t Tibuant; its James. Tibuant is an online alias I’ve adopted for the many games I play. As of this post, those games include Rift, The Secret World, and League of Legends.

The character

Tibuant is usually a tank; he enjoys doing so very much. Whats more badass than being the one standing toe to toe with the giant dragon while everybody else stays as far away as they can, shooting magic at him? Depending on the game, Tibuant prefers to wear nice suits, or to don the heavy plate mail and blue jeans combination. Its a signature style that several of Tibuant’s Rift relatives (including Tiburius and Tibrea) have adopted.

The guy behind the keyboard

As for the one who controls Tibuant, his name is James. That’s me. I’m a 26 year old Computer Science major who enjoys reading, drinking microbrews, programming, (although this seems a dangerously “on and off” hobby that I hit hard for months at a time then completely neglect for a few before returning with a renewed interest) and just wasting time on my computer. Similar to programming, I have an on-again-off-again love for weight lifting; when I’m in the swing of it, its amazing, but when I take a break and forget, its hard to get back into. I consider myself a philosophical mind, and think often–way too often–about everything and anything.

The blog

So, the reason for this blog is simple: I enjoy playing games, I enjoy reflecting on games, and I enjoy discussing my opinions about various aspects of games and the direction that games are going. I’ve been reading a lot of gaming blogs by guild mates recently and always end with this burning desire to discuss something new I read or thought about, but without the proper outlet to vent to. And so, this blog now exists for that purpose.